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Do you know the latest trend in Korean cosmetics?

Every woman always glamorous has longed for having a complexion of velvet, even skin, without dark circles, or imperfections; we have dreamed of getting that remedy that helps us achieve that goal.

Did you know that this dream has come true with the latest trend in Korean cosmetics?

As you know, the Koreans are the pioneers and those who takes the lead in innovation techniques and facials treatments, and this wonderful invention called BB Cream, or BB Glow, is not left behind, which the effect can last up to 1 year.


How is this new Facial treatment?

It is a treatment done with “non-invasive” micro needles, which help to create micro abrasions on the skin that will allow us to induce beneficial skin products, creating a spectacular result. This technique is called “non-invasive induction therapy”.


Benefits of Realizing the BB Glow:

* See your Skin since you wake up as if you had BB cream on it.

* It gives you the porcelain effect, peach skin.

* Minimizes dark circles, fine lines, spots.

* Reduces enlarged pores, marks.

* Brightens and luminosity Skin.

* Having dye nuance the color of your skin.

* Stimulates the collagen and elastin of the skin, hydrating   notoriously.

The wonderful thing about this Korean technique is that you notice the results from the first facial treatment.


How many BB Glow sessions should I do?

So that you can obtain greater benefits and have a period of one year of BB Glow or BB Cream effect should be done at least 4 sessions, one every fourteen days, that is, if you started your first session on a Monday, there will be a Monday yes and a Monday not, so on.


Once I finish my BB Glow sessions, can I continue with my facials treatments?

Of course once a month, after your treatment is completed you can continue with your very good facial habit once every 30 days, this will also benefit your skin.

Your facial routine should not change: your spa appointments once a month, neither your daily home maintenance with the products recommended by your Esthetician.

So your golden dream has arrived, if you want to know more about this wonderful technique you can leave me a comment that I will answer as soon as possible.

There is no longer an excuse to look every day a perfect skin!


María Gabriela Urrutia

Skin Care Specialist – Aesthetician at Gabriela Spa


Pembroke Pines, Fl., USA

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