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About Appointments:

. We Highly Recommend to do your appointment at least with 24 hours in advance. We strongly recommend scheduling preferred times or special occasions well in advance because certain times and days do sell out. Our beauty services are carefully coordinated to ensure that all of our clients receive the personal attention they deserve.Our services are by appointment only.

. Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier so you can enjoy your entire service, remember if it is your first time visiting Gabriela Spa you must fill out a client-historial form, so if you arrive late the time of the service will be reduce to finish on time so we can receive our next customer.

. After the service you must provide the payment method: credit card or cash available, we are not accepting checks.

. If you have a Promo or Discount Code please, tell us before we charge you, so we can do the amount adjustment.

. You can ask to reschedule an appointment and/or ask for the next promos Gabriela Spa would has.

About Cancellations:

. As a courtesy, we ask for 24 hours notice on all cancelled appointments.


. If less than 24 hours is given, you will be charged the full service fee. If you fail to come and/or do not call, you will be charged the full service fee. Cancellations due to circumstances beyond your control (ex: inclement weather, family emergencies, canceled childcare, etc.) will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

About Membership Program:

. To enjoy these benefits you accept use the membership for a minimum of 3 months program, that is means you will be automatically charge monthly for “3 follow months” .


. After the end of a month you can change the membership plan for another superior plan, but not for a inferior one.


. You will be able to renew or cancel the membership after this period.

About Pets:

The State Board of Cosmetology and the Board of Consumer Affairs have specific Rules and Regulations stating that no animals are allowed in a salon at any time. Service dogs with official “Service Animal” vests are the ONLY exception to this rule.


All prices are subject to change without notice.


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